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Corporate Responsibility

Quigley is committed to corporate citizenship and to having a lasting positive impact in the communities in which we work and live. This commitment begins at the top of our organization and extends down through our employees. We believe in supporting local and show this through our selection of vendors and our contributions.  We endeavor to support the activites our employees and their families are involved. We applaud the efforts and generosity of our people who contribute their talents, creativity and time at work and outside it to help build a better world for tomorrow.  Quigley makes a concerted effort to support the local schools, voluteer organization and charities.

One contribution we are particularly proud of is Operation Help a Neighbor. Not only does Quigley contribute by purchasing gifts for children of families in need who may otherwise go without gifts at Christmas, but many of our employees individually contribute placing Quigley as one of the largest contributors to this event every year.

Organizations We Sponsor