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See what people are saying about us! We have a long list of satisfied customers. Our vehicles have also been featured in numerous magazine articles.

We receive many emails, post cards and owner comments through surveys. The following are a few samples which we will update from time to time. Our customer's names have been changed for privacy purposes. We'd love to hear from you... If you have a Quigley story to share, please contact us using this Contact Us link.

Kraig in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

2005 Extended E-350 Cargo Van
Liked the van, operation, and purchasing experience so much, he started his own web site to promote Quigley, the best Sport Utility VAN out there! 

Craig in NJ

2008 Ford Cargo Van
"I love it! The ride is better than I expected. I chose Quigley because I wanted the ability to take my work truck anywhere."

Jacquelyn in NC

2007 Ford Cargo
"Wanted a 4x4 van for 20 years, originally tried someone other than Quigley, what a disaster! Every component of Quigley’s 4x4 installation is professionally designed and installed."

Kevin in MD

2007 Chevy Passenger Van
"We chose the Quigley because it was bigger and less expensive than the Suburban we needed to replace. Our experience with Quigley could not have been better!"

Tom from MD

2006 Ford Cargo
"I took a tour of your facility with Larry; great facility, great people, high standards and excellent knowledge makes me 100% satisfied. Chose Quigley for their quality product."

Murray from MA

2007 Chevy Passenger Van
"A great experience dealing with Quigley. I chose a Quigley because the warranty is still covered by GM accept for the Quigley installed components."

Doug in MD

2008 Ford Cargo
"I chose Quigley based on their warranty, reputation and dealer network. Great vehicle!"

William in OH

2008 Chevy Custom Passenger Van
"I couldn’t believe there was a 4x4 option for the extended van. I’d been a customer 4 years ago if I had known. Great for the ski trips and for manuevering up our long, hilly gravel driveway."

Pete in PA

2006 Ford Club Wagon
"We needed a large van for the family that wouldn’t get stuck in bad weather. Much thanks to Quigley especially Larry for his time and help."

Alan from VA

2008 GMC Cargo Van
"My van is awesome. Need it to pull my boat and for a work van. Chose Quigley because of their workmanship."

Kevin from NJ

2006 Ford Motorhome
"Proximity to the Winnebago dealer and Quigley’s reputation as the best bar none made our decision for us. We needed the conversion completed on time because of a trip we had planned 2 days after the promised delivery date. RV was successfully completed on time with no issues."

Wayne in MI

2005 GMC Passenger Van
"Thank you for offering your services because Quigley was the only way I could improve safety for my large family."

Lynette and Steve from IN

2008 Ford Cargo
"Company’s reputation and experience was our choice for Quigley. No one builds more 4x4 vans than Quigley."

Ken in Canada

2006 GMC Cargo Van
"Quigley’s answered all my questions and their patience made me feel comfortable all the way around."

Gary in TX

2007 Ford Custom Passenger Van
"I have owned a full size Ford van my entire life, this was my first 4x4. I welcome this Quigley unit to my family. Quigley warranty and price were the main selling points for me."