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Convert Your Pre Owned Vehicle

New Criteria for Pre-Owned Units

Convert Your Pre-Owned

If you have visited our web page, you are aware of Quigley Motor Company's policy of converting new untitled vehicles only. To every rule there is an exception!

With the down turn of the economy we realize that making every dollar count is a must. Therefore Quigley Motor Co., Inc. is offering to convert your pre-owned 2009 or newer Ford van, with 60,000 miles or less, to 4-wheel-drive. This unique opportunity will only last for a limited time. Please talk with a sales representative for more information.

All vehicles must meet the Quigley pre-owned inspection before 4x4 system is installed. Any components that need replaced during this pre-production inspection will be at an additional cost to the owner.

All components used will be new and current for that model year. The cost of the 4x4 system will be the same as the current pricing of $12,395.00 for 5.4L gas except for 2009-2010 models which will be same price as both the 6.0L diesel engines and the 6.8L V-10 gas engines. That price is $12,795.00. Your Pre-Owned van will carry a 24 month /24,000 mile warranty for the Quigley 4x4 system.

Contact our sales department for more details. TEL (717) 266-5631 or TOLL FREE in the US (800) 233-9358