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Nissan Warranty Program

The Quigley 4x4 system is backed by a warranty matching Nissan's vehicle warranty including both labor and replacement parts. Designed to be easily serviced by Ford dealers across the country, the genius behind Quigley is its use of easily obtainable, original equipment suspension and drive train components from major automotive manufacturers.

Extended Warranty: When purchasing extended warranties either from the vehicle manufacturer or an aftermarket company, verify in writing the extended warranty is valid for vehicles converted to the Quigley 4x4 system. The vehicle manufacturer's extended warranty covers only the factory installed components. Quigley Motors does not offer, nor does it honor, any form of extended warranties.

Repair and maintenance parts as well as warranty claims are commonly placed by service centers across the country.


Authorization MUST be obtained from Quigley BEFORE repairs are made. Failure to obtain prior authorization will result in denial of reimbursement for the warranty claim.

Request a Claim/Quote: This process will include a discussion with our product support staff to determine if the vehicle is under warranty, diagnose the issue and authorization of parts & labor costs. 

Place Order with Quigley: If Quigley specific parts are required.

Shipment: Quigley specific parts pulled, packaged and shipped.

Repair: Completed at the service center.

Payment: The service center must submit an invoice to Quigley for payment.  Payment is commonly made via credit card over the phone.

Warranty Packet Includes

  • Warranty restrictions and warnings
  • Detailed warranty coverage
  • Operating instructions
  • Maintenance schedule
  • Registration form

Online Warranty Registration

Authorization (#) Must Be Obtained From QMCI Before Repairs Are Made. Phone (800) 233-9358.

Failure to obtain this prior authorization will result in denial of reimbursement for the warranty claim.

To validate this warranty: The purchaser must complete the WARRANTY REGISTRATION below.

* Indicates required field.

Vehicle Information

Purchaser's Information

Return of this information is required by Federal Law in order to comply with the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, and required for any 4x4 warranty coverage by Quigley Motor Company.

By typing in your full name and supplying today's date below (signing) you acknowledge that you have read and understand the Quigley warranty and warnings listed. Upon receipt of this warranty registration, Quigley Motor Company, Inc. will forward to the purchaser a copy of the limited warranty and a complete parts list for this unit.