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Nissan NV

Update from our Engineering Department, 02/10/12: Yes we have a working proto-type and as you can see from the following photos we have been running it through the paces at Rausch Creek Offroad Park.

We will be to market by end of 2nd quarter early 3rd quarter, 2012. We are working diligently to secure our components in a timely manner to be in production by end of the 2nd quarter 2012. It takes time to design and manufacture special castings and parts. We are still looking at March or April to be in our final testing phases.

Our working proto-type was unveiled to Nissan at their November measuring session in Farmington Hills Michigan. We also showed our proto-type at the Canton Mississippi plant tour for Nissan's souteast regional commercial dealers this past December!

We look forward to working closely with Nissan to provide the commercial user with a strong, reliable and comfortable 4x4 van.

1.Purchased our 2012 NV May, 2011
2. June 1, 2011: initial measurements and weights were taken.
3. Started design on proto-type in July, 2011.
4. Working unit off the lift and out of the shop for first time October 2011.
5. Unveiled to Nissan November 2011 at their Farmington Hills measuring session.
6. First severe condition offroad 4x4 use late November 2012, Rausch Creek Offroad Park.
7. First public showing to Nissan dealers at Canton Mississippi Plant tour in December 2011.
8. First public trade show February 2012, Eastern Outdoor Sportsmen show in Harrisburg Pennsylvania