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Why Buy a Quigley?

What makes a Quigley a Quigley?

"There's more to it than meets the eye," says Michael Quigley, the second generation to run the family business. "We are not simply a van converter. We are a worldwide, original equipment manufacturer who spends considerable effort on engineering to insure 4-wheel drive performance, parts serviceability and industry regulation compliance."

Since 1975 Quigley has engineered, developed and currently sells two different converted vehicles: one is the "Quadra- Version" based on the Ford Econoline Van and Club Wagon family using a coil spring front suspension and the other is the "Trailmaker" based on the Chevrolet and GMC full-sized vans using the Torsion Bar (IFS) Independent Front Suspension.

Designed to be easily serviced by most Ford and Chevrolet/GMC dealers, the genius behind Quigley is its use of easily obtainable, original equipment suspension and drive train components from major automotive manufacturers.

That is why you buy a Quigley!

Engineering Safety

Many people think that a 4x4 retrofitter goes to a salvage yard for parts, returns to an alley garage and slaps a four-wheel drive system under a van. Our approach is 180 degrees different than this perception.

Quigley's process involves hundreds of hours of engineering and development time and reflects the same concern for safety and quality. A classic example of this process in action was our work on the Ford van's fuel tank. We modify the tank to make sure there is enough clearance for the added components, and then we also tested the tank to insure its integrity.

The most important test was the vehicle crash test. This was to insure structural integrity. But before we could do the actual crash test, we had to determine a 'worst case crash scenario' and develop a computer model for the Ford-based Quigley 4-wheel drive systems. We then hired a NHTSA approved engineering firm to carry out the prescribed test and compare the results against the computer model in order to validate the program. Once confirmed, the same computer model was then used to certify the entire model line.

It is this type of attention to detail that makes the Quigley a unique product.  Unique in that it is the only Four Wheel Drive Van and Cutaway that is part of the Ford SVE Ship Thru Program.  While there are a number of aftermarket conversion companies that have what is called "Drop Ship", their product is not able to be re-entered in the Ford delivery system.  According to Ford, "Drop-Ship is available to nearly any firm that has sufficient credit and no engineering review is required for this program.  Quigley is the only firm in the United States that has earned Ford Ship-Thru process approval for four-wheel drive conversions on E-Series models and warrants all unique Quigley components."

That is why you buy a Quigley!

Vehicle Stability

The "Quadra-Version" and "Trailmaker" 4 wheel drive systems have been engineered to maintain all safety features. For instance the factory braking systems are retained including the four wheel ABS and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Quigley has conducted a full array of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety compliance tests on the brake systems covering the entire line of Quigley 4x4 van conversions.

Another example is Quigley's ability to maintain vehicle stability while raising the height of the full size van four to four an three quarter inches for maximum suspension travel. First of all, the Ford solid front axle is used to add front suspension stiffness which increases vehicle stability and limits body roll. Secondly, the positioning of the added weight of Quigley's 4 wheel drive system diminished the effects of the 4-4.75" van height increase because the vertical center of gravity increased a mere 2.5 inches - well below industry regulations.

That is why you buy a Quigley!

Mechanical Components

Although Quigley uses a combination of purchased components and ones designed and manufactured in house, the Quigley system is designed to retain 90% of factory components as possible (i.e. factory rotors, calipers and brake pads).

On the component side, Quigley adheres to all applicable Federal Motor Safety Standards (FMVSS) to provide the safest, highest quality products and all parts manufactured to the company's design are in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifications.

Purchased components of the "Quadra-Version" and "Trailmaker" include: Ford and GM front drive axles and front & rear drive shafts from Dana Corporation; transfer case assemblies from New Venture; manual and automatic hub locks from Ford and Warn Industries and springs and tie-rod ends from Dayton.

The company manufactures the remainder of the conversion pieces which include brackets, bushings, strut and torque rods, steering linkage and the transmission-to-transfer case, cast-alloy adapter housing. Quigley staffs a customer service department which is available to provide technical support to both automotive service centers and Quigley vehicle owners as well as overnight replacement parts manufactured by Quigley.

That is why you buy a Quigley!


All 4x4 systems components are covered by Quigley's 36 month/36,000 mile warranty. To provide customer satisfaction, this warranty work can be performed at any franchised Ford, Chevrolet or GMC dealer (depending upon the vehicle purchased).

To facilitate warranty and general repair work, each "Quadra-Version" and "Trailmaker" comes with a detailed list of the conversion components as well as maintenance schedules, operating instructions and 800 customer service number. Additional warranty information and forms are available in our Warranty Program Section.

That is why you buy a Quigley!