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Jeep Driveshafts

Some folks tend to use their driveshafts harder than others.  That's OK, it's a Jeep thing.  So we made you a special page.

Slip yoke eliminator driveshafts

We now offer three different lengths of Quigley 1310 Slip Yoke Eliminator (SYE) shafts for Jeep TJ and YJ models.  If you're not sure why you'd need an SYE driveshaft, search Google for "why slip yoke eliminator".

Also, check out our super-tough front and rear driveshaft upgrade kits for Jeep JK models!

Lift kits and driveshafts go together

Thinking of lifting your Jeep?  Lift kits affect driveshaft length and angle!  So it's the perfect time to upgrade to the correct length heavy-duty driveshaft from Quigley.  We use double cardan joints (sometimes referred to as CV joints) to eliminate vibration problems caused by velocity errors.  These are not the same thing as the ball-type CV joints used in the front of your cousin's Toyota.  Double cardan is actually two hefty U-joints mounted in series.

Wall thickness and tubing diameter

All Quigley driveshafts for Jeeps use rugged 2.0" diameter tubing.  As you can see below, every SYE shaft is offered at one low price, regardless of length.  Ask our specialists about the relationship of wall thickness to tubing diameter, and how they find the right balance between strength and light weight.

You want tough, you came to the right place. In fact, our driveshafts are so well-built, Quigley is the official driveshaft of the Rausch Creek Off-Road Park fleet. As they say in the rock canyons, deserts, and mountains - if it quits, it's not Quigley!