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Ford E-Series Cutaway Overview

Quigley Motor Company is the only company that has qualified for Ford's Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE) program for 4x4 systems on E-Series and Transit. This provides access to Ford Ship-thru program for reducing shipping costs to dealers in all 50 states, and ensures you retain your factory warranty on the unaltered portion of your vehicle (engine, transmission, rear axle, etc.). The proven, durable Quigley 4x4 system increases the height of your van 4.0 inches on average, which provides a better field of view and greater ground clearance for off-road adventures. The 4x4 system will increase center of gravity and thus the vehicle should be driven accordingly. Please read warranty packet for more information concerning higher center of gravity vehicles. Quigley 4x4 conversion is available on the Cutaway (CAW). See Models and Pricing for further details.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Although production of E-series vans ceased in model year 2014, Ford continues to produce the E-350 and E-450 cutaways. It has been reported in the press that Ford may continue E-series cutaway and stripped chassis production until as late as the year 2020. Because of this, Quigley expects to continue doing E-series Cutaway conversions on these models.

We plan a gradual rollout of the first Quigley 4x4 Ford Transit vans beginning June 2015. First models available will be low- and medium-roof passenger and cargo vans equipped with the 3.7 liter V6 engine. Subsequently, Transit Vans with the 3.5 liter Ecoboost V6 and the 3.2 liter diesel will be offered, followed by cutaways. Conversion of high-roof Transit models has not been determined.

At a glance, here is the approximate order in which Transit models will be released:

  • 3.7 liter V6 Transit vans
  • 3.5 liter V6 Ecoboost Transit vans
  • 3.2 liter L5 Diesel Transit Vans
  • Cutaways
  • Conversion of high-roof vans to be determined later.

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Ford Warranty Program

The Quigley 4x4 system is backed by a warranty matching Ford's vehicle warranty including both labor and replacement parts. Designed to be easily serviced by Ford dealers across the country, the genius behind Quigley is its use of easily obtainable, original equipment suspension and drive train components from major automotive manufacturers.

Extended Warranty: When purchasing extended warranties either from the vehicle manufacturer or an aftermarket company, verify in writing the extended warranty is valid for vehicles converted to the Quigley 4x4 system. The vehicle manufacturer's extended warranty covers only the factory installed components. Quigley Motors does not offer, nor does it honor, any form of extended warranties.

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