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Ford E-Series Pricing Guide

Type Description MSRP
4x4 Cutaway E-Series 5.4L/6.8L 138" WB must be 5 Speed Transmission $13,795.00

Manufacturer specific items carry the original manufacturer's warranty ONLY

Type Description MSRP
Aluminum Wheels Ford OEM 17" Aluminum Wheels Exchange for 17" steel wheels, Qty 4 $750.00
Automatic Hub Locks Ford OEM $500.00
Shocks Bilstein Heavy Duty or Rancho Adjustable Shocks, Qty 4 $700.00
Spare Tire & Adapter $500.00

Type Description MSRP
Ford Ship Thru See Ford Authorized Codes $650.00
Vehicle Pickup/Delivery by Quigley See Freight Costs TBD
Special Transportation To/From Harrisburg Intl. Airport or Train Station $45.00

Type Description MSRP
Ford Authorized Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) $120.00
Altered Factory WB Vehicle arriving with altered wheel base $175.00
Undercoating Removal Vehicle arriving with aftermarket undercoating $225.00
CAW Model with Body Installed Vehicle arriving with motorhome/bus/other body installed $500.00