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4x4 Markets Served

The ultimate SUV, Sport Utility Van, Designed and Built with Care!

Quigley’s success is a result of its focus on the needs of our customers for a go-anywhere, large load capacity, full-size 4wd van. Whether that customer is a TV news operation, a national package delivery company, the United States Secret Service, a construction company or a family of mountain skiers in Alaska, the load capacity, off-road qualities and performance of this vehicle put it in a class of its own. 

Are you looking to haul workers to a job site, or carry tools and equipment in a contained secure vehicle and you travel in adverse conditions or off-road locations.  The full size Quigley 4x4 vans are the largest commercially available vehicles out there and are more affordable than a custom built unit. Customers such as FedEx, Haliburton and Apria Health Care Systems have fleet administrators who research and select products based on cost, product quality, safety, warranty and service. These same companies are also customers of Quigley Motor Company.

We recognize the small business owners are synonymous with the American Dream and we are here to serve your special transportation needs as you strive towards success.  Whether you’re a contractor, plumber, electrician, caterer, veterinarian or any other small business owner Quigley 4x4 is here to provide you with the proper tool for the job AND the added bonus of a weekend adventure vehicle.

Whether you're a Federal, State or Municipal government department, Quigley is here to assist you in selecting the vehicle to give your personnel the capacity to perform their job. We are registered with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) and our Duns number is 041894296. Also consider option AWDC for item numbers 22x, 24x, 32x, and 34x in the 307 Standards the next time you order through GSA.

For the Emergency Services, sector weight is everything when it comes to adding components to a vehicle. Once you prioritize your needs and have determined that a four-wheel drive helps aide you and your squad to save lives in your community, then give our Sales Staff a call.

Universities, Airports, Ski Resorts, Guided Hunts, Volcanoes and Observatories abound. Moving the maximum number of people with the minimum number of vehicles in difficult terrain and off-road locations is where we can help. The Quigley 4x4 Passenger Van or CAW (available to add a bus body) is the solution for your needs. "To do more with less" has become a mantra in today's economy. We can help guide you to the solution to fit your needs.

Do you have an abundance of family members, a love for the outdoors, have you ever wondered if you could take an RV out onto the beach or down a dirt road to a secluded camping spot? "It's been my dream to buy a Quigley..." can be heard from many of our customers. If so, then Quigley is the answer. Quigley installed 4x4 system onto hundreds of conversion vans and RVs. Different terrains require different driving techniques, and we suggest you familiarize yourself with your vehicle before tackling remote areas.