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Maintenance Schedules

Lubrication, Inspection and Routine Maintenance for E-series Solid Axle 4x4 Vans

There are two types of Quigley 4x4 Ford solid axle systems used on E-series Fords. Since 2003, our Quigley Ford 4x4 system solid axle uses a sealed non-serviceable hub and bearing assembly. Previous generation Quigley 4x4 Ford systems have a serviceable hub and bearing assembly.

How to determine whether your hubs are serviceable or non-serviceable

There are two simple ways to check which of the hub and bearing assemblies your Quigley vehicle has.

1. If the brake rotor is mounted to the outside of the hub assembly, (easily removable), then you have a non-serviceable hub and bearing assembly. If the brake rotor is mounted to the inside of the hub assembly (not easily removable), then you have a serviceable hub and bearing assembly. "Easily removable" means that once the wheel and brake calipers are removed, the rotor can be removed. To remove the rotor from the serviceable hub and bearing assembly you will have to remove the wheel studs.

2. The second way to verify which type of hub and bearing assembly you have is to remove the hub lock. For a serviceable style you will notice an adjustable nut attaching the hub and bearing assembly to the spindle. The non-serviceable style will not have a nut; instead it is attached to the steering knuckles by 4 bolts.

Routine Maintenance Schedules for Ford E-Series 4x4 Vans

We recommend that you download and print out the appropriate Quigley routine maintenance schedule (see below) and keep a copy in your vehicles as well as in your vehicle records. In addition to the two schedules for E-series 4x4 vans, there is one for the Transit 4x4 van. If you are not sure which type of axle system your Quigley vehicle has, you may contact us and supply the last 8-digits of your VIN (vehicle identification number).

To prolong the life of any vehicle it is important to perform what is commonly referred to as either "preventative" or "routine" maintenance.  This is also performed to help inspect the safety attributes of your vehicle. This procedure is typically performed for components that have grease fittings, high wear items such as brake pads, tie rod ends, ball joint, etc and checking the lifeline of the vehicle (oils, transmission, transfer case, axle, hydraulic steering and brake fluids).

The Quigley 4x4 vehicle is no different than any other vehicle. Below you will find a printable and downloadable file for your routine maintenance schedule.  It is recommended that you keep a copy with your vehicle records and inside the vehicle so your service center can help you stay the course.

 Ford Transit Routine Maintenance Schedule