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Weight Charts

Cars, trucks, pickups and vans all have gross axle weight ratings (GAWR) and gross vehicle weight ratings (GVWR).  At Quigley Motor Co., Inc. have a digital scale built into the floor. Before and after conversion, we  weigh the individual axles of every vehicle. We record those weights for two reasons:

For our Buildable Weight Limit Charts, or Weight Analysis Charts, the following section lists the specific Ford models by year:


Gross vehicle weight ratings cannot be increased by an alterer-manufacturer, nor by a final stage manufacturer, without running a whole gamut of tests, including crash tests. Changing GVWR would require recertification and could require the removal of all OEM nameplates and badges. You would also lose the OEM certifications and could lose OEM warranty. Quigley manufactures all vehicles to the same GVWR specified by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).