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Anti-Lock Brake System

Metal sleeve that connects the two ends of the tie-rod together. Used to adjust for alignment specifications. There is also an adjusting sleeve on the drag link which is used to align the steering wheel.

Simply put, an AXD differential uses an electronic signal to engage the half axle shafts on the IFS system. We use a AXD differential on the Quigley 2003 and later IFS system. The AXD is electronically driven "sleeve" couplilng that when engaged, it slides over the two half axle shafts, thus locking them into the differential's spider gears. The differential then supplies the torque and momentum used to drive the wheels. The AXD coupler serves as your hub locks on the solid axle system. It can be considered as an automatic hub lock since it is engaged by an electronic signal sent from the shift lever of the transfer case.

The axle receives the torque from the drive shaft, which then displaces the torque to the wheels. This sets the wheels in motion.

A 4x4 vehicle consists of two axles, the front and rear. The front axle can either be a solid axle, as is the rear, or can consist of two axle halves, as with the IFS 4x4 system.

In an IFS system, the axle doesn't consist of one solid, rigid metal casing. It is divided into two separate axle shafts. Each axle is commonly referred to as an Axle Half or Half Axle Shaft.