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Welcome to our "Self-Help" section concering Quigley products, procedures, and other issues.

All S


Any seat inside the vehicle that can be occupied while the vehicle is in motion. In other words, it is a seat that has a seat belt associated with it.

Safety components that maintain vertical loads placed upon tires to help keep the tires in contact with the road. Shocks do not support the weight of the vehicle, but are a major component in the suspension system which controls the suspension movement.

A rear axle that has only one wheel and tire on each side.

A type of yoke that can slide (slip) over splines to allow the axle or drive shaft to vary in length.

On the Dana axle, the spindle connects the hub to the steering knuckle. It also has the brake caliper mount.

A suspension component which absorbs and/or releases energy to counteract the vertical movement of the vehicle. Also provides support for the weight of the vehicle.

A hydraulic gear box that transfers the motion of the Steering Wheel to the Pitman Arm.

Dealers who have made a commitment to stock Quigley vehicles on their lot.

Helps to reduce the "rolling" effect of the vehicle from one side to the other.