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All H


Where the passenger's hip, the pivot joint of the torso and thigh, would be located when in the seated position. Every seating position has a measurement called the hip point. QMCI defines this measurement as the distance from the driver's hip to that of the seating position being measured. 

Note that the front passenger, directly to the right of the driver, has the same hip point of the driver. The drive'rs hip point is already given by the manufacturer.

Houses the wheel bearings. On the Ford axle, the hub assembly is bolted directly to the steering knuckle, however with the Dana axle the hub is mounted on the spindle.

Locks the wheel hub to the axle shaft. This is how the torque is supplied to the wheels when placed in four-wheel drive. When the hub lock is in the free position, the wheel rotates free of torque from the axle.