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Maintenance Schedules

Lubrication, Inspection and Routine Maintenance for GM 4x4 Vans
(Keep Copy with Vehicle Records)

Independent Front Suspension (IFS) 4x4 Systems

Nissan came to the USA commercial market in 2011 with their full size NV van that started in model year 2012.  We were fortunate to have many Nissan contacts. Quigley was able to design and come to market about 4 months after Nissan launch with our Independent Front Suspension "IFS" 4x4 system. Since then we have developed a lifted version of the IFS known as the optional LIFS.  Both systems have the same operating and maintenance schedule.

Please download our "Nissan Routine Maintenance Schedule" file listed below.  We suggest that you keep a copy with your vehicle documents as well as inside the vehicle. This way your local dealer or service can review the schedule and keep your vehicle on schedule.