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Alignment Knowledge

Here at Quigley Motor Company, we offer two different types of 4x4 systems. The first is the solid axle 4x4 system that is standard on all Ford vans and all vans previous to 2003. Since 2003, we have introduced our Independent Front Suspension (IFS) 4x4 system which is standard on all GMC and Chevrolet vans. We did offer both types of 4x4 systems on our GM vans up to 2006, however in 2007 all GM vans were manufactured with our IFS 4x4 system. The Nissan also has the IFS 4x4 system. Our Ford E-series products have always been a solid axle 4x4 system, until the recent release of the new Transit that replaces the E-Series.

What to know and understand about the alignment of each system

The IFS is aligned to GMC / Chevrolet 2-wheel drive OEM specification. Nissan NVs and Ford Transits are aligned to 2-wheel-drive OEM specifications. For any solid axle application, it is best to contact us and supply the last 8-digits of your VIN.

A solid axle does not usually require an alignment unless you have a hard impact which would cause a component to be bent. A solid axle does tend to have more tire scrub or wear than independent suspensions, this is an inheritable trait. This is the most important reason for rotating your tires.

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Both systems should rarely require an alignment. A pull or drift when braking or driving doesn't necessarily indicate an alignment issue. Also, excess tire scrub or wear isn't indicative of an alignment issue.

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