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Tire Tips

Tires, where the machine meets the road.

There are a few tips and important features to know and understand about tires. Proper tire inflation pressure and routine rotation of your tires are 2 of the most important features. You should inspect your tires regularly for signs of wear, damage, or incorrect pressure, including your spare tire. Your Original Equipment Manufacturer, OEM, owner's manual have suggested tire rotation schedules and instructions listed.

Performing routine inspections of your tires are important for several reasons. To help prevent or lower the risk of a tire failure and to help prolong the life of your tires. Various factors dictate life of a tire such as maintenance, temperatures, driving speeds, vehicle loading and road conditions. Here in Pennsylvania, our vehicles are required to have annual inspections. One of the requirements is that your tires have a minimum of 1/16th of an inch of tread on at least two adjacent treads.

Things to look for during a tire inspection:

  • Treadwear depth indicators showing at three or more places around the tire. Some tires may not have treadwear indicators, for such tires we recommend a minimum of 1/16" of an inch of tread depth on at least two adjacent treads.
  • Cord or fabric showing through the tire's rubber.
  • Tread or sidewall cracked, cut or snagged deep enough revealing a cord or fabric.
  • Bump, bulge, or split on the tire.
  • A puncture, cut or other damage that cannot be repaired safely because of it's size or location on the tire. The Tire and Rim Manufacturer's Association have certain standards for the tire designated as either a "Repairable" or "Non-repairable" area as well as tire patch and or plug criteria. Any tire facility should have and know these standards. Typically, anything outside the tread area of the tire is considered as a "Non-repairable" area and your tire should be replaced.

Tire Size Calculator

Tire in mm. in inches
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