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Many of you contacted us asking how the Quigley 4x4 system compares to other solutions.  We created a video to help explain these differences and show them in action.  The video focuses on Newton’s first law of motion - an object in motion stays in motion.     

  • The Quigley 4x4 system is a pro-active system whereas an All Wheel Drive (AWD) or AWD hybrid is a re-active system.  Meaning; when you anticipate a situation requiring more traction you can engage the 4x4 so that your vehicle is equipped to maintain traction.  With an AWD system after the vehicle looses  traction, then it reacts to the loss of traction by trying to correct it. 
  • The Quigley 4x4 system locks the front and rear axles together maintaining the same speed over the 4 wheels.  In an AWD system the wheels are not locked together, the AWD uses the ABS and Traction control modules to adjust power to wheels based on loss of traction, sending unbalanced power to the front and rear wheels.  This unbalanced power tends to lurch the vehicle in different directions, like an “Army Crawl”.  The 4x4 will move in a straight forward motion as the wheels are locked together and continue to move in a steady state. 
  • Braking is another advantage of having the Quigley 4x4 system, where the axles are locked together.  In poor traction on steep downhill grades there is a lot of weight transfer to the front axle.  The 4x4 system excels over the AWD by preventing the lightly loaded rear brakes from locking up, losing traction. 
  • When encountering unimproved terrain, in the worst case scenario the Quigley 4x4 system will have a minimum of 2 wheels turning, 1 per each axle, verses AWD that would have only 1 wheel turning.  
  • An AWD system is always engaged, sending power to all 4 wheels which may use more fuel.  Also the constant braking of the AWD to maintain traction could wear the brake system at a faster rate.  Lastly with all 4 wheels receiving power you will have more tire ”scrubbing”.

We hope you find the video helpful and understand you may have additional questions.  For more information please call 717.266.5631 or email sales.4x4@quigley4x4.com.

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