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C-Channel Style Torque Arm Inspection (vehicles 1996 – 2003)

Like all manufacturers, we occasionally encounter issues we believe should be communicated to our customers. In such cases, where manufacturing quality could affect owners of Quigley vehicles, we issue a service bulletin to help keep you informed.

Please note that this is purely informational service bulletins, NOT recall bulletins.

Affected Vehicles

1996 TO 2003 (Converted to 4×4 by Quigley before January 31, 2003) Ford Econoline vehicles with open C channel design Torque Arms.


Some high mileage and /or severe service Quigley 4×4 E series vehicles may develop cracks in the front suspension torque arms.

  1. Vehicles that are operated infrequently off-road, with the original equipment Ford Motor Co. specified tire size and within the Ford Motor Co. maximum weight rating, should typically expect to see in excess of 100,000 miles without cracks developing in torque arms.
  2. Vehicles that are used primarily (in excess of 50% of operating time or mileage) in off-road commercial service may develop cracks within the normal 3year/36,000 mile warranty.


If your vehicle falls within the operating conditions of application #1 above it is Quigley Motor Co.’s recommendation that your vehicle’s mechanical condition be inspected for damage and normal service wear at least once a year. A Ford dealer or a qualified automotive service/repair facility should perform this inspection. Many states already require this type of safety inspection for all vehicles.

If your vehicle’s operating conditions fall outside of category #1 above, this inspection should be performed more frequently and at minimum every 6 months as required by Ford for oil change intervals. Note; Cracks in the black powder coat finish will eventually develop and are considered normal. If the coating chips off, it is suggested that the bare area be covered with a rust-preventive paint or undercoating.

If a crack is discovered in the torque arm that is less than ½” in length you should make arrangements to have the torque arm replaced as soon as possible and within 500 miles. Replacement should be performed before the vehicle is subjected to any severe off-road operation.

If a crack is discovered that is longer than ½” in length, the arm should be replaced immediately. In an emergency situation only, as a temporary repair, a crack that is less than 2” can be welded, but such repair is not recommended by Quigley and cost of repair will not be reimbursed by Quigley.

Replacement Procedure

  1. Contact Quigley Motor Co. Customer Service Department to verify that this Service Bulletin covers your vehicle.
  2. For vehicles within the 3 year/ 36,000 mile, Category #1 operation description, full reimbursement for repairs will be made after receipt of cracked arm at Quigley Motor Co., Inc., excluding any arm that was modified, or damaged by collision, improper jacking or contact with road / off-road hazard.
  3. For vehicles that do not qualify for replacement procedure #2 above and have less than 100,000 miles, Quigley will sell replacement arms at 30% off of current retail price of $130. ($91.00 each) This offer will expire August 31,2007. No labor charges will be covered.