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Are you in need of:

  • VA replacement part?
  • Vknowing if your part is under warranty?

Some information we need to gather from you is:

  • ZYour VIN Number
  • ZMake / Model / Year of Vehicle
The Quigley 4×4 system is designed to be easily serviced in your location. The genius behind Quigley is its use of easily obtainable, original equipment suspension and drivetrain components from major automotive manufacturers. Every Quigley built is supplied with a Customer Parts List. To access this list, you will just need the VIN. Quigley specific component part orders are placed through a Customer Service Rep.

The Quigley 4-wheel drive is backed by a warranty matching the OEM vehicle and includes both labor and replacement parts. Our Customer Service Reps are ready to assist you with Technical Questions, Customer Parts List, and Part Orders.

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