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Our History

The Quigley story evolved from a mindset geared to trucks, new inventions and a sense of adventure. When you mix these ideas together, you get exciting new creations.

Since the mid 1960’s, Quigley has been refining its craft. First selling trucks and vans, then customizing them and beginning in 1974, building a new type of vehicle – the Quigley 4×4.

A third generation family owned manufacturing and design company, Quigley has been consistently recognized for their 4 wheel drive system’s design excellence and quality production. Located in Manchester, PA, Quigley is the oldest, largest and most successful manufacturer of high quality 4 wheel drive conversions for full sized vans and “cut-aways” in the world.

The company’s success is a result of its focus on the customer’s need for a go-anywhere, large load capacity, full-size van. Whether you have a large fleet, a small business, a government or emergency service, transportation and tourism, or an individual, Quigley 4×4 provides the ability to Conquer Your World.


The advantages include recognition and approval by GM, Ford and Nissan, as well as drop ship & ship-thru, warranties, and the ease of service at dealerships nationwide.

The Quigley 4×4 has the load capacity, off-road qualities, and performance that puts it in a class of its own.

Capitalizing on reputation and high quality manufacturing, Quigley branched out its products to include design, manufacturing, and service for custom driveshafts.

The experience of building driveshafts for 4×4 production allows Quigley the advantage to produce quick turnaround Driveshafts for Jeeps, Light & Medium Duty Trucks, Racing and Custom Car markets.

The Quigley guiding principles are:

Corporate Responsibility

Quigley is committed to corporate citizenship and having a lasting positive impact in the communities in which we work and live. This commitment begins at the top of our organization and extends down through our employees. We believe in supporting local businesses and show this through our selection of vendors and our contributions.  Our endeavor is to support the activities for which our employees and their families are involved in. We applaud the efforts and generosity of our people who contribute their talents, creativity, time at work and outside to help build a better world for tomorrow.  Quigley makes a concerted effort to support the local schools, volunteer organization, and charities.

We are proud to support many causes within our local community, as well as national efforts. Within the last year we donated to Operation Help A Neighbor, Stamp It Forward, and The Walkabout Foundation.

Our History


First Quigley 4×4 Ford Transit


Started Exporting Nissan NV to Canada
Started R&D on the new Ford Transit


First-Ever Run at Baja 1000
GM 155″ WB CNG
Achieved Transport Canada Approval


First Quigley 4×4 Nissan
Installed Smoke/Fume Collection System
Introduced LIFS option to Nissan models


Energy Efficient Lighting Project
24 Units to Antarctica for the National Science Foundation
Peterson’s 4 Wheel Drive, Ultimate Adventure
Introduced our LIFS option to GM models


Addition of Haas CNC Lathe
Specialty Upfit DRW
Redesign of 5.4L Ford Vans to Retain OEM Fuel Tank


QMCI begins manufacturing driveshafts
Sponsorship of TV show “Sportsmen Outdoor Strategies” begins


15,000th 4×4 Conversion sold
Nation of Go


Completion of 17,000 square feet addition. The facility now has a total of 72,000 square feet.


Special Upfit for Iceland


12,500th 4×4 Conversion sold


First competition, “Rock Krawler”
Chevy IFS System featured on “Motorweek” TV program
First 4×4 on Ford E-550 Cutaway Chassis
10,000th 4×4 Conversion sold


First Torsion Bar Independent Front Suspension (IFS) for GM Vans


Chevy van featured on “Motorweek” TV program


Ford van featured on “Motorweek” TV program


7,500th 4×4 Conversion sold


Developed procedures, trained personnel, and facilitated in the manufacturing process at New Right Hand Drive Plant in Windhoek, Namibia
Honored and received award as General Motors’ Overseas Distribution Corporation “Fleet Upfitter” of the Year for 1996


First 4×4 on Ford E-450 Super Duty Cutaway Chassis


Occupancy of new 11 acre, 55,000 square feet manufacturing facility
Fully qualified for Ford’s Modified Vehicle Engineering (MVE) Ship Thru Program
5,000th 4×4 Conversion sold


Start construction of 11 acres, 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility
3,500th 4×4 Conversion sold


Right-hand drive systems for GM Full Size Pickup, Suburbans, and Tahoes
Initial approval for Ford’s Ship Thru Program


Fully approved Warranty Repair Facility for Ford Motor Co.


First 4×4 on Ford F-450 Super Duty Cab and chassis
Approved for GM Ship Through Program on Astro and Safari mini vans


First FedEx 4×4 built


Approved for GM Ship Through Program on full size vans
1,000 4×4 Conversions sold


First 4×4 on GM Astro and Safari Mini Vans


First export 4×4 built for Dodge and GM


First 4×4 on a Ford ambulance
100th 4×4 Conversion sold


First 4×4 on a Dodge ambulance


Agreement to purchase new 4×4 components direct from manufacturers


Built first 4×4 on a Ford Van.
Introduction of Duo Strut Front Suspension
Assigned Ford Authorized Drop Ship Code
Assigned Dodge Authorized Drop Ship Code


Built first 4×4 on a Dodge Van


Built first 4×4 on a Chevy Van


Assigned GM Authorized Drop Ship Code


Built first custom van


Added mini homes


Added custom vans


Added Travel Trailer and Truck Campers


Started as Bill Quigley Auto Sales

Sold first vehicle — 1963 Ford Pickup