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Quigley has been converting vans to 4×4 since 1974 and, believe it or not, some of those units are still on the road. Checking your vehicle’s VIN* number is a great place to start to verify your unit is a QUIGLEY! Just grab the last 8 digits from your windshield or inside the driver door and enter it into our form. Then, we’ll be able to tell you the rest by pulling your build file.

*VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number

VIN Lookup

Please note:
Enter only the last 8 digits of the VIN.
VIN Numbers DO NOT include the letters Qq, Ii, or Oo to aviod confusion with numerals one and zero.


Authorization MUST be obtained from Quigley BEFORE repairs are made. Failure to obtain prior authorization will result in denial of reimbursement for the warranty claim.

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