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Quigley Meet-Up Come Wheelin' With Us! We are headed to West Virginia from June 25-27th to explore 10,000 acres of trails. Join Us! Quigley merch Shop our new 2021 designs. Shop Upgrade Your Travel Quigley is dedicated to giving you the best quality 4x4 conversion on the market. For more information on the process or to connect with a Quigley rep, send us a message. Start a Conversation

Quigley4x4 Vans

We focus on the need of our customers for a go-anywhere, large load capacity, full-size 4×4 van. Whether you are a large fleet, small business, government, emergency service, transportation & tourism, or an individual, Quigley 4×4 vans provide the ability to Conquer Your World. Quigley’s advantages include recognition and approval by GM, Ford and Nissan, drop ship & ship-thru, warranty and ease of service at dealerships nationwide. Quigley 4×4 vans have the load capacity, off-road qualities, and performance that puts it in a class of its own.


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