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50 Years of 4×4: The Innovative Spirit of Mike Quigley and the Development of the 4×4 Van

For half a century, Quigley 4×4 has been synonymous with innovation, reliability, and adventure. What started as a spark in the mind of Mike Quigley, a former Marine with a passion and interest in anything mechanical, has blossomed into a legacy of excellence in the realm of van conversions. As the company celebrates its 50th year of offering and building 4×4 conversions on full-size vans, it’s a time to reflect on the journey that brought Quigley to where it is today.

Mike Quigley, the mind behind Quigley 4×4, traces his inspiration back to his days in the Marine Corps. “In the Marine Corps before and after Vietnam, I was working on jeeps, so I came back with a lot of knowledge of 4-wheel drive,” recalls Mike. It was this foundation of experience that laid the groundwork for what would become his life’s work.

The pivotal moment came when Mike’s father expressed a desire to equip a van with four-wheel drive. “One day my dad comes and says: I want to put 4-wheel drive on a van…I spent six months in junkyards, whenever I’d see a 4-wheel drive truck I would be under ‘em… I was under maybe 100-200 trucks trying to figure out what would work best for 4-wheel drive,” Mike reminisces. This dedication to research and development would set Quigley 4×4 apart, as they tirelessly sought out the most effective and reliable solutions for van conversions.

Throughout the years, Quigley 4×4 has remained a family-owned and operated company, a fact of which Mike Quigley is immensely proud. “One thing that helped us was family…as we brought in other employees, the value that was to us was wonderful. As we hired employees, they became family…I’d like to see that continue,” reflects Mike. This familial atmosphere has not only fostered a strong sense of loyalty and camaraderie among employees but has also extended to their customers, who are treated like part of the Quigley family.

“Looking towards the next 50 years, I hope we’d be able to improve and modify the vehicles of the future,” Mike shares, emphasizing Quigley 4×4’s commitment to ongoing innovation and quality craftsmanship. With an eye towards the future, Quigley 4×4 remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in van conversions, ensuring that they continue to meet the evolving needs and desires of their customers.

As Quigley 4×4 celebrates its 50th anniversary of 4×4, they do so with a sense of gratitude for the journey thus far and excitement for the road ahead. With a legacy built on innovation, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Quigley 4×4 is poised to continue leading the way in the world of van conversions for years to come. Here’s to the next 50 years of adventure, exploration, and the freedom to go wherever the road may lead.