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Celebrating 50 Years of 4×4

In 1966, Quigley Motor Company embarked on a journey in the automotive world, opening our doors as a modest car dealership in the heart of Manchester, PA. After a few years, the spark of an idea ignited within Quigley – what if full-size vans could be 4WD? Fast forward to 1974, and our dream became a reality with the birth of our first 4×4 conversion. Over the years, demand pushed us towards expansion and moved into a larger facility, but dedicated to our roots we remain and will remain firmly planted in the heart of Manchester, PA, just a stone’s throw from our original location.

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary of pioneering 4×4 conversions, it is hard not to reflect on the incredible transformation from a small mechanic shop to the oldest and largest manufacturer of 4-wheel drive full-size vans. We are incredibly grateful for each of our employees, clients, vendors, and partners who have helped us arrive at this momentous day.

The passion for offroad adventures has fueled us from the very beginning. We take pride in our journey and extend heartfelt gratitude to the customers who entrusted us with their vans – from individual enthusiasts to large fleets. Whether you’re navigating city streets or venturing off the beaten path, we hope you’re out there conquering your world. 🌎 🗺️

Join the celebration and embrace the spirit of adventure that awaits. Here’s to family, offroad excitement, vans, and half a century of strength – cheers to the next #50yearsof4x4 and the ongoing van life journey! 🎉

To help us celebrate, please submit your favorite Quigley memory and picture of your van in this form.