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Are you in need of:

  • VScheduling a repair at Quigley?
  • VAssistance troubleshooting an issue?
  • Vknowing if a repair is under warranty?

Some information we need to gather from you is:

  • ZYour VIN Number
  • ZMake / Model / Year of Vehicle
Quigley provides maintenance and service for your Quigley 4×4, as well as other vehicle drivetrain needs at our location in Manchester, PA. Call the Service Manager today to schedule your service.

Although our design incorporates as many OE components as possible for ease of service, we have a technician ready to work closely with you to determine a resolution.

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Let one of our Customer Service Reps help you out. Contact us today and get your service scheduled, by using our contact form or calling toll free at 1-800-233-9358.