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Manufacturing & Engineering

Engineered to meet your needs, our four-wheel-drive system’s design is the cornerstone of our business. We can offer you the value and performance of our proven O.E.M. four-wheel-drive system for the new Ford Transit full-size vans. Quigley incorporates a vast majority of Ford components, including the F-150 independent axle and automatic locking hubs, into our conversion for ease of service.

At Quigley Motor Co., Inc., safety and quality are our top concerns during our engineering and development processes. The 4-wheel drive system has been engineered to maintain all safety features. The four-wheel ABS, Advance Trac with Roll Stability Control (RSC), Traction Control and Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) are retained if equipped. QMCI uses a number of independent testing facilities to verify functionality. All vehicles must pass a rigorous Quality Control Process before they are released for shipping.

Here at Quigley Motor Co., Inc. we must meet a number of safety and automotive standards; not only set by the auto makers themselves, but also by the United States Federal Government. Quigley adheres to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) to provide the safest, highest quality products. All parts manufactured to the company’s engineering designs are in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) best practices.

We take pride in maintaining these safety / automotive standards; and in the quality of our engineering and workmanship, to offer our customers the peace of mind they are accustom to from the Detroit auto makers.  It is this type of attention to detail that makes the Quigley a unique product. Unique in that it is the only Four Wheel Drive Van that is part of the Ford SVE Ship Thru Program.


While there are a number of aftermarket conversion companies that have what is called “Drop Ship”, their product is not able to be re-entered in the Ford delivery system.  According to Ford, “Drop-Ship is available to nearly any firm that has sufficient credit and no engineering review is required by this program. Quigley is the only firm in the United States that has earned Ford Ship-Thru process approval for four-wheel drive conversions and warrants all unique Quigley components.”  (It’s no coincidence that we are the oldest and the leading manufacturers in this industry.)

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