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Turning Diameter

What happens to your turning diameter once Quigley installs your Independent Front Suspension (IFS) 4×4 system?  You actually get a small improvement.

The diagram on this page illustrates how turning diameter is calculated, and the table shows that for a given wheelbase, the Quigley 4×4 conversion gains about 1.5 feet on average. The left-turning diameter and the right turning diameter are not always the same; therefore, you must calculate it as an average of the two turns.

Transit Cargo and Wagon Vans (Based off Low Roof Models Only)

All Transit Models Quigley 4×4 Ford OE Vehicle
Wheelbase Curb-to-Curb Wall-to-Wall Curb-to-Curb Wall-to-Wall
130″ 41.6 ft 42.9 ft
148″ 46.2 ft 47.9 ft

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