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Maintenance Schedules

Lubrication, Inspection and Routine Maintenance for GM 4×4 Vans

Independent Front Suspension (IFS) 4×4 Systems

There are four types of Quigley 4×4 systems used on GM Vans since 1974. Our current style is our 2nd generation Independent Front Suspension, or IFS, released in 2003. This system incorporates GM’s locking differential instead of lock-out hubs to engage the 4×4 system. Download “Current IFS Routine Maintenance Schedule” below. 

If your IFS system has manual lock-out hubs then you have our first generation IFS system, from 2002. This hub and bearing assembly is of a serviceable style. For this IFS 4×4 system please download and print out our “2002 IFS Routine Maintenance Schedule”.

Solid Axle 4×4 Systems

Another Quigley GM 4×4 system was a solid axle coil spring suspension. This style coil spring suspension ran from 2006 – early 2009. Our coil spring suspension utilizes a non-serviceable hub and bearing assembly. If you have this style Quigley 4×4 system then please download and retain a copy of the “GM Solid Coil Axle Routine Maintenance Schedule”.

The final Quigley GM 4×4 option was a solid axle leaf spring suspension 4×4 system. Our solid axle leaf spring GM units consisted of a manual lock-out hub, which are of a serviceable hub and bearing assembly. For this type of Quigley GM 4×4 vehicle please download and retain a copy of the “GM Solid Leaf Axle Routine Maintenance Schedule”.

If you have any question or are unsure of your style Quigley 4×4 GM please contact our customer service department and supply us with either your entire Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or the last 8-digits. We are never more than a phone call or email away.

We recommend that you download and print out the appropriate Quigley routine maintenance schedule below and keep a copy in your vehicle as well as in your vehicle records. If you are not sure which type of axle system your Quigley vehicle has, you may contact us and supply the last 8-digits of your VIN (vehicle identification number).

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