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Turning Diameter

What happens to your turning diameter once Quigley install your Independent Front Suspension (IFS) 4×4 system? Nothing, your turning diameter remains the same as the 2-wheel drive OEM Nissan vans. 

The diagram below shows you how a turning diameter is calculated and corresponding table shows you the comparison between our 4×4 IFS system and Nissan’s OEM 2-wheel drive. The left turning diameter and the right turning diameter are not always the same; therefore you must calculate it as an average of the 2 turns.

Nissan Turning Diameter Specs

Models Wheelbase Turning Diameter (ft.)
Quigley 4×4 Curb-to-Curb Nissan Curb-to-Curb
NV 2500 146″ 47.7 ft. 45.6 ft.
NV 3500 146″ 47.7 ft. 45.6 ft.


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