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Towing Specifications

NOTE: GCWR is defined as the Gross Combination Weight Rating, which is the total combined weight of the trailer and vehicle (with full fuel) including all passengers and vehicles. With OE tow package GCWR = 16,000 lbs without OE tow package GCWR = 13,500 lbs.

NOTE: The trailer tongue weight should be 10-15% of the total loaded trailer weight. Make sure that the vehicle’s payload (reduced by option weight) can accommodate the trailer tongue load weight and both the weight of the passengers and cargo added to the towing vehicle. Warning; the weights of the passengers, cargo and that of the trailer tongue load, cannot cause the vehicle to exceed s its’ rear GAWR or GVWR. These ratings can be found on the vehicle’s Safety Compliance Certification Label, located on the driver’s side door jam.

Frontal Area Limitations

Frontal area is defined as the total area of the tow vehicle and the trailer that is exposed to air resistance. It is measured in square feet and for the Nissan vans it may not exceed 60 square feet. Exceeding this limitation may significantly reduce the performance of the Nissan van!

  Cargo Van Passenger Vans
Engine Axle Ratio NV 2500 Cargo NV 3500 Cargo NV 3500 Passenger
5.6L Gas Engine 3.54 9,500 9,500 9,500

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